About Us

We serve as your local DMC partner and event planner throughout Turkey. We address well-known destinations such as Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus, Antalya, Kuşadası, and Bodrum and less-known parts of Turkey, from the East to the West and from North to the South. As your partner in Turkey, we first and foremost listen. It's our job to understand your needs and expectations and turn these into the perfect program or event experiences.

Efficient communication, complete transparency, face-to-face contact, and a close working relationship are the tools we use for a successful partnership and event planning.

We want you to feel like Mokan Travel is your office, located in Turkey.

Our Mission

Mokan Travel, a leading Destination Management Company, creates memorable travel experiences and out-of-the-ordinary services through our solution-oriented approach. We effectively utilize resources, continuously improve services, and merge creative ideas with the latest travel trends for our business partners and industry friends.

We continue to expand our business horizons with honesty, integrity, and a focus on sustainability to generate significant value for all our partners.

Our Vision

To strengthen our leading position in the Turkish and international travel markets as the most respected, trusted, and innovative DMC by focusing on guest satisfaction, people, community, partners, growth, technology, efficiency, and effectiveness, while providing a unique travel experience for our guests and industry partners in a sustainable, and transparent way.

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Please write us for further information and requests.

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